Musings About Tomorrow

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Random in-depth conversations about the Future


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Luddites Will Be Totally GOBSMACKED!

Above, for 26 minutes, Kevin Kelly bakes Luddites to well-done. 

And this one [73 min.] might render them into a pile of quivering flotsam.


Join us for a random walk along the Path Of Possibilities

relating to our world of FutureBook Projects.


PDF Reading Gallery

Phase-Change [30 pgs]

Phase-Change [30 pgs]

The Singularity will be a phase-change of your life.

Future Of Books [19 pgs]

Future Of Books [19 pgs]

"We're not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy."

STORIES [22 pgs]

STORIES [22 pgs]

How Random Access Reading hops around.

  1. Volunteers

  2. Do Gooders

  3. Crowd Funders

  4. Recovering Politicians

  5. House of Medici Patrons

  6. Silicon Valley Visionaries who acquire asteroids.