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Hi There!


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Talking Stick Tom-Tom (TSTT), Here.


Whoever clutches me to their bosom gets to talk while everyone else zips their lips and listens. 


When finished, I'll get passed over to the Ol' Fusses at Go2Fun so they can answer.

So, you're allowed to grab me by the throat and start beating your lips, gums and drums. Their ears are on.


Contact Us.

Success! Message received.

If your drum beating is a little offbeat, here's a quick refresher.

Animated Animal and Buddy Rich let fly a real dazzlement. 

If you're not a drum beater, send Smoke Signals.

We're frightfully good at Smoke & Mirrors.

Painting of Plains Indians sending smoke signals
"Take a break. Smoke 'em if you've got 'em."
"Mah-uum, how come my blankie smells all smoky?"
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