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There's your future!

Lewis & Clark showed us the way.

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Go2Fun Expeditions

Where Individual Free Riders Interact With The Free Rider Community

Important Note


We've placed "Tell Your Personal Story (TYPS)" part of our Free Rider community in abeyance until we have more of our own stories published.

(Signing up for our email notifications will let you know when TYPS is open for submissions.)

The rest of the Free Rider concept remains.

Only those Free Riders who have paid the Cover Charge or made a Donation are eligible to submit TYPS or participate in the Free Rider Forum.

We just aren't interested in being a target for the ever-increasing number of Trolls and envy-besotted cretins unable to be civil on the web at large.

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Above: Guide For Submitting TYPS [11 pages]

FutureBook Forum
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