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Four FutureBook Projects

Introduction to what FutureBooks are about.

[38 page PDF]

Featured Go2Fun Project 


My 65 Years Of Motoring 

By Glenn L. Flock

This is our main Go2Fun Project where we create many readable and digestible PDF's. PDF's designed for how people will read in the future.


We publish new short stories when completed. ​


Currently, we're working on The Tale Of Two Morgans And The Ghost Of A Third which relates to our European Years.


Ideal readers will love cars, driving, motoring and a sense of humorous adventure. They relish expeditions that are badges of honor, achievement and quiet satisfaction.


Along for the ride, they'll enjoy the fun of meeting people, places and things they might not ever imagine. And, even if they've traveled the same roads, reliving those experiences in ways only they can know.


So, come drive with us for awhile. It will be a Great Drive. You'll see.

1963 Morgan DHC near Heilingenblut, Austria |

Short and tall tales of nearly 100 vehicles owned and exciting times behind the wheel.

  • The China Lake Years of the '50's

  • European Years of the '60's

  • Colorado Years of the '70's

  • Northwest Years from the '80's until now.

The World Of Motoring.

Our new 1963 BRG Morgan DHC

near Heilingenblut, Austria, August 1963

Slide gallery of our four FutureBook Projects.

My 65+ Years of Motoring — Handle It! — RightSize Your Life — Envy

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