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Go2Fun Boutique

Go2Fun | | G2F, Inc.

What Do You Do?

We create digital FutureBook Projects.


Published using all-media/all-file formats. A Content Cloud where FutureBook Projects exist as downloadable PDF files.


This bypasses limitations of all other forms of book publishing. A detour of simplicity and elegance around status quo complexity pits.  


Everything is open-source, free and uncopyrighted. < Double GASP! >

We appreciate attributions linking to our content. But it's not demanded.


PDF Gallery For "Abouts"


Where we briefly show you more about the nature of FutureBook Projects.

The benefits and characteristics of our unique "book" concept — now and in the future.

First Look A Brief OverviewFutureBook Experience

What To Expect —  It's Both a Product & Service

NOTE: It's highly beneficial to follow the links, enjoy the videos

and absorb the images inside the PDF's as you go.


PDF Gallery
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Imagine authors living life in the Twilight Zone. A world where everything is open-source, free and uncopyrighted. Available to anyone; anywhere the Internet exists. The SHOCK to the publishing world is profound. 


Well, we've done exactly that.

We've adopted this radical business concept. Original open-source content is drop-kicked into the presence of readers. Content that's designed for their reading style and ease.


  • We do this with zero advertising slathered everywhere on our site.

  • It's done without interminable "sales pages" that scroll down forever. Mystery selling that hides the price until the very end. [We detest that.]

  • We don't yank your emotions inside-out or make you weep rivers of tears to get you to buy. Tears even Mother Theresa can't match.

  • Instead, we conduct a simple monetary exchange for value received.

  • You alone make the decision to donate or become a Free Rider. Without any coercive or manipulative attempts to make a sale on our part.

The world has seen enough of the Shuck & Jive, Bob & Weave, Flip & Flop marketing snark and subterfuge. Wouldn't you agree? 

Some readers will find the content so compelling they want to voluntarily donate real money. Others will want to become Free Riders and take part in the creation of the Go2Fun community. You can be one of those people.


We let them. And we thank them. Profusely.


  1. Do Gooders.

  2. Crowd Funders.

  3. House of Medici Patrons.

  4. Recovering Politicians who feel/are guilty.

  5. Silicon Valley Visionaries who acquire asteroids.

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Glenn L. Flock

Glenn L. Flock, Chief Ol' Fuss

Drawing of man with sunglasses and begging cup.

Cover Charge $10.00

One payment. No refunds.

[See Cover Charge PDF above for details.]

What Few Ever Want To Tell You — How They Make Money

Pricing Concept above shows how we do it — right up front where you can't miss it.

Unique Go2Fun Boutique Business Concept

First Look [8 pgs]
Go2Fun Boutique [7 pgs]
What To Expect [6 pgs]
It's Both [5 pages]
FutureBook Experience [5 pgs]
Inquiring Minds
Free Riders [24 pgs]

Free Riders [24 pgs]

Details of riding high as a Free Rider. Enjoying all the benefits of the Go2Fun Boutique.

No Copyrights [37 pgs]

No Copyrights [37 pgs]

How we hopefully avoid being eaten alive by the Peruvian Sky Burial buzzards

Goddess Serendipity [20 pgs]

Goddess Serendipity [20 pgs]

Goddess Serendipity rules the land of Chaos, Discovery and Opportunity. Serendipity believers worship at the Altar of Expeditions, Chaos Theory and Schrödinger’s Cat.

Open Letter [7 pgs]

Open Letter [7 pgs]

What we want you to know about us and what we want to know about you.

What's Your Problem? [14 pgs]

What's Your Problem? [14 pgs]

Information Overload is about to pancake you to the floor without mercy.

About Us [19 pgs]

About Us [19 pgs]

More than you likely want to know but now and then we drop a Humor Bomb just to get you off your fainting couch. :-)

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