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My 65+ Years Of Motoring

By Glenn L. Flock


A Go2Fun Project At G2F.com

1963 Morgan DHC and the author near the

Hochosterwitz Castle in Austria — August 1963

My 65+ Years Of Motoring

By Glenn L. Flock

Short & Tall Tales


Adventures Behind The Wheel Of Nearly 100 Cars Owned

You'll get the most out of "Motoring" if you love driving and adventure traveling with a sense of humor. Where road trips and journeys of exploration are badges of honor, achievement and quiet satisfaction.


Along for the ride, you'll enjoy the fun of meeting people, places and things you might not ever imagine. And, even if you've traveled the same roads, you'll get to relive your experiences in a new light.

Five time capsules or eras are covered:

  1. China Lake Years of the 1950's

  2. European Years of 1961 - 1967

  3. Colorado Years of 1968 -1973

  4. Pennsylvania Years of 1974 - 1976

  5. Northwest Years of 1976 to the present.


This Go2Fun Project is intentionally published as a website where the content is in the form of easily read and downloadable PDF's.

This enables a delightful ability to bypass all other publishing systems (print, ebooks, etc.) thereby creating an opportunity to use all-media and all file formats throughout.


Text + Graphics + Links + Audio-Video + Social Media + More


Ordinary "books" can't match that. Can't even come close.

All Go2Fun Project end when one of us stops breathing. There are hundreds of stories to be told spanning 65+ years of motoring.

The slideshow below shows a few of the cars and eras.


"Cover Charge" explains our unique business concept and shows how convenient it is to enjoy the stories and content.

Everything in Motoring is organized around the makes of cars owned during the related time-frame. Often it's more about the journey rather than any particular car. Many times detailed information about the cars will be available for readers who are automobile enthusiasts.


Not everything is about cars. Aviation, motorcycles, and boating are in the story mix as well. Land, sea and air — all modes of transportation. Adventure stories. Travel stories. Fun stories.


For example, one of the times I flew with Art Scholl in his Staggerwing Beechcraft in the mid-1950's from a small dirt strip in Ridgecrest, CA.


So, come ride with us awhile. It will be a Grand Drive. You'll see.


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1954 Porsche Super Coupe

Owned by Glenn Flock on the North Mojave Desert at the Naval Ordinance Test Station (NOTS) at China Lake, CA. circa 1958 A place the size of Rhode Island where the Sidewinder missile and several anti-submarine weapons were developed during the 1950's. An amazing world of aircraft, car and motorcycle enthusiasts coming together in bursts of activity and notoriety.