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Orangutan in the jungle
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Swing Out Of The Jungle

Orangutan getting ready to swing.

Now you just know orangutans don't need to leave the jungle. It's their home.


RightSizing their life means eating, building a tree nest for the night and every now and then participating in the ritual of propagating their species.


Above all, they love striking enchanted poses that often reduces humans (like me) into piles of quivering and raucous laughter. I just can't help it.


Other humans Project [term of art among psychologists] their often negative attitudes and values onto their fellow humans. Instead of my doing that, I have the irretrievable urge to launch my funny-bone Projections onto orangutans.

You'll just have to live with it. ;-)

HUMANS NEED TO SWING. To get out of the Rat Race. To get their act together.

This Go2Fun Project focuses your mind on how to upsize/downsize your world so it becomes far easier to cope with CHAnGE. To make it RightSized.

This Go2Fun Project is different from the others.

Rather than creating most of the content ourselves, we're going to act as reporters, reviewers and commentators.

This includes articles, books and blogs we've read and recommend. No sense in reinventing spears.

We'll also tell our own story about how beneficial it's been to continue maintaining the RightSizing process in our own lives.

Mind map of de-cluttering and simplifying life.
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