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Will Robotics Really Eliminate Jobs?

JOBLESS FUTURE? This article at SingularityHUB talks about the video below.

Be at ease; humans will always have jobs. Even if it's staring at each other's belly buttons to see whose slipknot first lets go and launches them into the ether at near tachyon speeds.

Human desires always outstrip resources. The late Professor Julian Simon told us why.

"Simon argues that our notions of increasing resource-scarcity ignore the long-term declines in wage-adjusted raw material prices. Viewed economically, he argues, increasing wealth and technology make more resources available; although supplies may be limited physically they may be viewed as economically indefinite as old resources are recycled and new alternatives are assumed to be developed by the market."

THE POINT: Humans will always be inventing new economic activities. How many people work on farms compared to 100 years ago? How many folks move about in oxen-pulled covered wagons?

Yes, I know many still ride bicycles; but today's bikes are significantly improved.

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