A Little Go2Fun Stuff
You can't go back in time.
All you can do is wait for the future to arrive.
Meanwhile, have some FUN in the Moment of Now.
At least smile a little. Maybe even let fly a raucous guffaw!
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Humor & Entertainment

All related to your having FUN as you travel the delightful world of serendipity.


In several of the videos below, you'll come to understand

why we're so much in love with Goddess Serendipity

and how surprise! can't be copyrighted.

Even as it entertains you.

Video Below Shows You Why To

Never ... Believe ... Your ... Lyin' ... Eyes.

Don't doubt us.



If after 10 minutes of watching the above video,

you aren't rolling on the floor laughing your posterior off,

CALL 911 for you're either blind, deaf, unconscious or about to die.

An Amusing Little Slideshow This Way Comes

The video below is so funny, a caption is in order.

Snarky Swinger  from the Land of Booger Glue — is about to put on a clinic for two unsuspecting Luddites. Two technically challenged tiger cubs meandering playfully through life trying to strike poses of intellectual superiority.



SUDDENLY, out of the Jungle Tops drops Darth Vader from the Tribe of Gibbon. He's hell-bent on renting asunder whatever is left of Tiger Cub Dignity (TCD).


And, to their chagrin, Snarky never quits.

What follows is an electrifying example of how life's CHAnGEs can indifferently strike you without warning or care. 

THE POINT: The problem with reality is there's no backdrop. Know when to recognize reality and adapt. Know when to CHAnGE.

Juxtaposing history, a salute to heroes and a Time Machine Flight

to rid the world of a dangerous plague ...


TEXTING While Driving!

Bertie's Shopping Run

Dateline: Grand PooBah Manor. [Watch the video in our Boutique Channel above.] Bertie, having just learned the FutureBook Boutique was giving away free uncopyrighted content to all, let fly a Shopping Run whilst her hair was still in curlers. It is known several shoppers from the Continent driving MarSayDees Bents and Pursehers were unable to match the verve, swerve and curves of Bertie, the Rolls driver. They were simply overwhelmed by their loss of face when arriving late to the party.

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